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Christmas 2011 album

First page of Christmas 2011 album

“What album do you wish you would have made that you didn’t?” was a question a scrapbooker recently asked me.  I knew the answer right away – a Christmas Album.  Way back when I started putting pictures into albums, the logical way to end my yearly album seemed to be with Christmas pictures.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but as the years go by and kids have been born and now grown up – I wish I could look at ONE album and see what we did  each Christmas; where we went, who came to our house.  Traditions that have come and gone; decorations we used that are now broken and thrown away.  People that are not with us anymore.  All in one album, to pour over and laugh about with the family as we sit by the fireplace.  Just 12 pictures, or two pages per year would have been enough.

“You can start now!”  she told me… so,  I did!  I took 24 of last years’ BEST photos (less overwhelming with only 24) and put them into the new pre-decorated 8×8 Christmas Quick Kit.  I added a few Be Merry Stickers that were too cute to pass up.  In 1 hour the pictures were in, then I grabbed a brown pen and started writing.  The writing always takes me into ‘another land’ as I look at photos and all the emotions and memories come rushing through my brain.  I stare off into space, smile, cry… and soon start writing.

Be Merry

Be Merry Christmas pictures- but are we all Merry?

I suppose part of what I gained from making this little album of Christmas 2011 was that even though the season can be full of busyness, chaos and ‘not what we expect’, enough time has passed that I can laugh at the things  stressed me last year and it gives me a new perspective for this year.  Expect less, Enjoy more. And write down the stories and memories with the pictures.  Yes, even the fights and disappointments -It will always seem better a year from now!

If you are ready to ‘start now’ and want a larger album, there is a nice Be Merry 12×12 Album, Be Merry Paper and Layered stickers  too!

Oh, and I can expand my 8×8 album… Or try a digital album!  Another 24 pictures for 2012, coming right up!